Who is in PASHANZ?

The PASHANZ membership draws from a diverse base of people working in different health promotion agencies, including District Health Boards, non-governmental, Māori, a​​​nd Pacific organisations. PASHANZ exists mainly for health promoters, but anyone working under vote health funding can become a member upon application to the PASHANZ Trust as long as their employing organisation is supportive of that membership.

There is no joining or recurrin​g membership fee.

Membership Activities

The main PASHANZ event is the Professional Development Day. This is held annually in conjunction with the NZSHS Annual Conference.

In 2018 we are planning a monthly podcast and newsletter to help .

Most contact from PASHANZ is via email, although you can also follow us on social media – Facebook and Twitter.

The Board maintains this website at: https://pashanz.org​ and also a link from http://www.nzshs.org/health-promotion.

Membersh​​ip Cancellation

Anyone may cancel their membership by Unsubscribing from the PASHANZ mailing list. The Secretary of the Board will also invite members annually to review their membership and complete the Unsubscribing process if they wish to withdraw their membership. In addition, ​any bounceback or invalid email addresses will be removed from the mailing list and not considered to be a valid membership.

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