Our old logo

Our new logo from 2018






The need for change

In 2017, the trust board considered a change to the logo.

The new design needed to be:

  • simple
  • modern
  • recognisable
  • have the name on one line, and
  • use block colours.

Early designs attempted to connect back to the old logo by retaining the colours and heart shape. Other design elements were also considered, such as Aotearoa-New Zealand, connection to NZSHS logo, and communication with the PASHANZ network.

It was decided to super-stylise the heart shape and to try different colour variations:

New logo meaning

The blue-colour logo was finally chosen as it best represented our aspirations to increase the visibility and presence of PASHANZ in the sector. The bi-colour represents our objectives:

  • the Professional Development Day (PD Day)
  • Information Sharing, and

The new logo and website were launched in February 2018.